David Schoneveld provides a series of tutorials for 3DCoat designed to serve almost as a quick-start guide for people who already have 3D experience, running down some of the best and effective features of 3DCoat.

This series is by no means a compendium of all things 3D Coat, the aim is to show you the most useful features as quickly as possible, which is what I would have wanted when learning a new software package

David starts with a general overview of 3DCoat, and then starts in with some of the features and workflows for the Paint Room, Tweak Room, Retopo Room and the UV Room. Dave also talks a bit about Voxel Sculpting, the Voxel Room and the Render Room in 3DCoat.

Dave mentions that when he is learning new software, this type of quick-start overview is exactly what he would want, and he is correct in that this is exactly what I am looking for in a 3DCoat guide. Thanks so much David! For the complete playlist, check out David’s 3Coat Overview here.