Jamie Hamel-Smith talks about one of the MoGraph objects and how it would relate to piles of objects, showing that you can still create quick and simple “rigid body” like dynamics with the Broadcast Edition of Cinema 4D, even though features like a true rigid body dynamics system is reserved for Cinema 4D Studio edition.

The Broadcast Edition of Cinema 4D includes rigid body dynamics tags but curiously, they don’t work with regular polygonal objects. So why are they there and what can we use them for?

Jamie notes that he is a onld-school Cinema 4D User, and this tip might be old news to some, however it is still worth mentioning that the MoGraph Cloner object allows us to apply some simple rigid body dynamics objects in your 3D scene. It can also handle collisions, so you are able to create animations of things like objects piling up on one another, or filling a volume with objects as well. Check out Jamie’s post for Creating Piles of Objects Using MoGraph in Cinema 4D here.