Alexander Porter shows how you can export volumetrically captured video as an OBJ sequence using the RGB+D Toolkit and bring those into Maya using a handy little script. The RGB+D Toolkit is workflow for making volumetric video with an MS Kinect and an ordinary DSLR camera, capturing everything live into wireframe with meshes and color as well.

How to export out of the RGBDToolkit & import the OBJ sequence into Maya

The Maya import part is really simple, and although I have come across the RGB+D Toolkit before I never thought to export as OBJ and use those in Maya – it opens up a whole new realm of possibilities actually.

Alexander shows how to set camera points from the RGB+D Toolkit and render out the the video as an OBJ sequence and then uses the OBJ Sequence importer Script for Maya from Ricardo Viana to get those sequenced OBJ files into Maya. If you are not familiar with the RGB+D Toolkit, you can check it out here, and with this video posted below.