Tools4D’s and’s Paul Everett shows off an Open Street Map (OSM) Importer for Cinema 4D, that he you know… built and had lying around one day. The Open Street Map Importer can essentially import “country sized” spline data into Cinema 4D.

With this importer,you can get huge OSM data sets into c4d and convert them into splines objects- You can interactively filter out the elements which you don’t need and converting to splines retains the objects name and type,ect

Paul is basically looking for some feedback from anyone who is interested in this importer and their opinions on its possible applications, as he feels it has some great potential and is considering it for public release.


  1. That is awesome! I’m hugely interested in this project.

  2. It looks extremely promising. Having access to such a huge amount of free geo vector data within c4d is extremely usefull. I’ve put my hands on a few broadcast mapmaking softwares. I’ve also explored how to use DEM data to model a relief and the street level data is always difficult to get.
    If you want, I’ll be happy to share my experience.

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