Steven Roselle takes a look at the Pose BlendShape Editor attached to the Maya Bonus Tools 2013. Steven provides some background information noting that the Pose BlendShape Editor is actually based on a toll that has been around for a while, written by Cory Mogk and recently has seen an overhaul in its features, some underpinnings and a clean up with new user interface.

this tool can be handy for anyone that either doesn’t want to take the time to setup these kinds of corrective blendshape manually or doesn’t have access to tools that help automate the setup process

Steven also notes that the core functionality of the Pose BlendShape Editor is not really ground breaking, as there are a few available tools that are similar or in some cases above and beyond what is shown here in terms of complexity. However the Pose BlendShape Editor in Maya Bonus Tools 2013 is for anyone that doesn’t want to take the time to setup corrective blendShapes or doesn’t have access to something that can automate the process. Check out the post for Maya BonusTools 2013 – Pose BlendShape Editor here.

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