If you have ever come across a time in which you needed to create a length of metal chain links in Maya, and needed that chain to be dynamic, chances are you came across Valerio Di Napoli’s Create Dynamic Chain from Curve Python Script.

Recently Valerio has updated the script with the ability to choose between a Maya Nucleus Solver or a Maya Hair System Solver.

This python script generates chains from selected curves, ready for animation and very fast (but realistic) dynamic simulation. You can anytime change dimensions of rings

Create Dynamic Chain from Curve for Maya will easily make a length of chain links based on a curve, and sets up a dynamic rig ready to be animated realistically.

Create Dynamic Chain simply asks you the number of chain ring pieces you want for the selected curve, and then provides you will the ability to edit how the chain rings look, and of course how they will be simulated using Maya standard Nodes.

Create Dynamic Chain from Curve for Maya 2, currently only works in Maya 2012 and above, and is provided freeware, check out the Create Dynamic Chain from Curve for Maya Python Script here.