Florian Sepp creator of such great things as Fs Preview Render, and FS_preview_accelerator Plugin for Cinema 4D adds yet another useful tool. fs_DOF_peek for Cinema 4D will highlight which areas will be in focus and which areas will be blurred right in the Cinema 4D Editor View.

If you use depth of feeld with the new physical renderengine in cinema 4d, there is no idication in the editor view which parts stay sharp and which picture parts get blurred out

The need for fs_DOF_peek extended from using Cinema 4D’s Physical Rendering Engine providing little indication as to what would be in focus when using Depth of Field.

fs_DOF_peek provides a bright highlight to indicate which areas will stay sharp based on your Camera and Physical Render Settings.

Check out the fs_DOF_peek for Cinema 4D for using Physical Render and Depth of Field here.