Cyrille Fauvel offers a look at his ventures using Maya Device API with the MS Kinect, and presents a basic implementation making use of the Microsoft Kinect SDK to bring Kinect Color Image into Maya as a basic point cloud.

While for an image it was pretty straight forward to take the Kinect color image and use the Maya API MImage class to read that image. This time we are interested to get the depth information out of the Kinect sensor

Cyrille notes that while it is simple to take the Kinect Color Image and use it in the Maya API MImage class, this time he points a look at getting the depth information out of the Kinect.

I have posted about other efforts to link up the Kinect with Autodesk Maya such as Creating Markerless Motion Capture Using iPi Mocap Studio and Maya HumanIK Mocap Retargeting, Importing Volumetric Video from RGB+D Toolkit into Maya, Using ipiSoft to Create & Use Motion Capture in Maya as well as the Cache Cloud Utility for Maya which will generate Maya Particle Disk Cache files from a sequence of point cloud data from Kinect hacks or 3D scanners.

Check out Cyrille Fauvel’s post for Using the Microsoft Kinect SDK to bring a basic point cloud into Maya here.