Wes McDermott shows his experimentation using iPi Soft’s iPi Motion Capture and a MS Kinect along side with Autodesk Maya’s retargeting tools to create and use a simple and marker-less motion capture system that can be used to create animation for human IK characters quite easily. Check out Wes McDermott’s post for Maya HumanIK Mocap retarget with iPi Mocap Studio here.

This video shows a simple test I did using mocap recorded with the iPi Mocap Studio. I import the mocap take file into Maya and retarget the animation to an actual character using HumanIK

iPi Desktop Motion Capture is a markerless motion capture system that really puts the ability to create and use motion capture data at the desktop level, making it simple enough and cheap enough for any one use really. You can record a video using 1 or 2 MS Kinects right in your own home, webcams or digital cameras and have it converted to 3D animation with most 3D packages.

In a previous post, Miguel Rosa Duque shows a round-trip of using Maya with Human IK toipiSoft marker-less motion capture in a 5 part video series, showing how to use the iPi Mocap Studio with Maya Human IK here.