BadKing Zbrush Development and Resources has posted a tutorial looking at getting right into understanding the core of NoiseMaker in Zbrush and its use and properties including layers, the Morph Target Menu, and as it relates to ZBrush’s Morph Brush.

In this introduction, we look at the overall scope of the NoiseMaker series and briefly examine some of the topics that will be covered including basic settings, the NoiseMaker Plug-in, the Layers and Morph Target menu as well as the Morph Brush

BadKind dives into providing an in depth look at NoiseMaker showing how its use can be effective, and also demonstrates some of the issue that you may encounter when using Zbrush NoiseMaker, in this 4 chapter tutorial which eventually expands into implementing some of ZBrush’s other tools such as UV Master, Morph Brush and Morph Target. Check out the post for Understanding ZBrush and NoiseMaker here.