Recently SilhouetteFX, makers of Silhouette, the post production tool for visual effects Rotoscoping, Painting and tracking has recently released Silhouette 5.0 which adds a host of new Stereo 3D Features as well as mocha Pro Planar Tracker integration, the addition of a Morph Node, new Auto Paint features and probably most impressively, the ability to use Inverse IK with Roto Splines.

Using an entirely stereoscopic workflow, all capabilities of Silhouette, including its award winning rotoscoping, non-destructive paint, keying, matting, warping, morphing, and 2D-3D conversion tools are stereo enabled

Morph Node

Silhouette’s Morph Node is a full featured shape based image warping and morphing system, providing control over morphing and warping images allowing you to enhance or exaggerate image features while still maintaining quality. Silhouette’s Morph Node can also be used to create transitions between image elements and is integrated seamlessly into Silhouette’s user interface.

Mocha Pro Planar Tracker

New to Silhouette is Imagineer Systems planar tracker from Mocha Pro which is in addition to, not replacing the standard trackers in Silhouette. Mocha is completely integrated in Silhouette rather than just being a plugin lunching a new environments as it would in After Effects.

Auto Paint

Painting has had a significant expansion in Silhouette, with the new Auto Paint feature, where you can paint on one frame, and transpose the painted elements though other frames with the tight integration of both the point and planar trackers in Silhouette. Silhouette will record the brush strokes and brush settings, allowing for individually painted strokes to be selected and repeated across frames easily.

Roto Node

The new Roto Node in Silhouette now contains Inverse Kinematics which will allow you to create a simple joint chain that will control your roto splines which is a fantastic new feature. Setting in IK chain for a rotoscope project will allow for quick and simplified keyframes providing a much more natural look when animating roto’s for people.

S3D Node

The S3D node is provided as an add-on option to Silhouette and contains an inclusive 2D-3D conversion toolset stereoscopic auto-stereoscopic work, and includes tools for Shape gradients, depth tools, a new depth preview, Stereo Correction, and Autostereoscopic Generation.

Silhouette runs at around $1,495.00 for a node-locked license, and the S3D options require a Silhouette license to run and can be purchased for $3,995.00, which is reduced from the Regular price of $5,995.00. Upgrades from version 3/4 can be purchased for $495.00. For more information on Silhouette check SilhouetteFX’s page here.