Ronn Trevino discovers and demonstrates a new spin on an old technique for transforming photographs and making a faux 3D effect with them in After Effects, however, here, Rovino shows how to do the same effect in Cinema 4D using PlaneSmart.

Here a tutorial showing you how to do a fly through on photographs using C4D r14 and PlaneSmart

Provided by Cineversity, PlaneSmart will import Photoshop PSD files and can distribute each Photoshop layer in the file as plane in Cinema 4D against the Z space for a fast and effective way to create animations with still images. Here, Rovino shows the process and provides some tips for working with photos and the workflow for using PlaneSmart to develop the animation in Cinema 4D.

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  1. Joseph Cyr

    I’m just trying PlaneSmart for the first time in R14 Studio. In my viewport it is not cutting my alpha out. It renders fine, but just not displaying correctly in the viewports. It does work fine in R13 though and displays with the alpha cut. Any ideas, or did this happen with your R14 at all?

    Thanks for any help.
    Joseph Cyr

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