Nicolas Dufresne posts an Intro to Duik 14 for After Effects, which in itself appears a little premature as it is only a preview of the features that are planned for DuIK version 14 and beyond. Version 14 is in development, and looks to add features such as automated spring-like dynamics.

Duik IS and WILL STAY FREE, But it takes a lot of time to develop

Some other hints into DuIK 14 include rotation morph that will adjust the layer based on rotation, using BONES to adjust After Effects Puppet Tool Pins, as well as a few animation tools such as wiggle, oscillation, path follow wheel, spring and bounce, etc. Another interesting, and perhaps most exciting preview, is the suggestion that there will be an “auto-Rig” function in DuIK 14 where you will be able to create a complete rig with a single click.

If you are not familiar with DuIK, it is a tool for creating IK (Inverse Kinematic) chains in After Effects, an essential component to creating and animating hierarchal structures for characters or complex muti-component sprites.

DuIK for After Effects has continually been updated right from the start, and Nicolas notes that development takes time since there is not set date for a release, and it is certainly the most ambitious updates since DuIK’s inception.

Nicolas Dufresne is also asking for a bit of feedback concerning the development of DuIK where he is looking to recoup some costs associated with the website and development and is asking people’s opinions on how best to do that, stressing the fact that he does not necessarily want to make money of DuIK, but simply cover web costs, tutorials and training, and support for DuIK, assuring that DuIK is, and will remain free.