Chris Zurbrigg has posted a short video showing some of the new features that are planned for Blue Pencil Sketchpad for Maya 1.5 which will include a layering system, and a layer manager for camera switching and toggling layer visibility.

Take a look at what coming soon to Blue Pencil for Maya

Blue Pencil 1.5’s layering system will allow you to create multiple layers and assign them to different cameras in Maya. Each drawing or keyframe are unique assignments to each layer, letting you have separate animations for props, characters, notes, etc. You are also able to create or delete layers and use the layer manager to reorder, manage camera switching and layer visibility.

Recently we have seen some advanced looks at Maya 2014, one of which showed a grease pencil like tool which is good news, as it will be great to have a base tool that does grease pencil tasks right in Maya. However, Blue Pencil Sketchpad for Maya is such a robust, rich and cheap tool, it is the ultimate grease pencil and sketchpad tool for Maya. Blue Pencil is available for Maya 2011 SP1, 2012 and 2013 on Windows, Linux and Mac OS X and a license is only $49 USD. Check out Blue Pencil Sketchpad for Maya here.