Seneca College instructor Joe Raasch takes a look at the importance of understanding and using the 3D space for compositing, demonstrating using the Nuke automatic tracker on a scene that will be used to create a point cloud in 3D space for reference in compositing.

This tutorial takes a look at Nuke’s 3D Point Generator, Projections and Reconcile 3D node

Nuke has the ability to create automatic 3D point cloud and 3D geometry native to Nuke’s 3D environment, allowing you to easily create reference geometry and 2D “cards” placed accurately at tracked points in the 3D scene.

Joe notes that a few years ago, if you did not really understand 3D space as a compositor, it probably didn’t make much difference, however now a days, it is crucial to compositors and almost a given to use 3D in compositing workflows.

Here Joe shows how to create 3D point Cloud reference in Nuke from the tracker data generated by Nuke’s automatic tracker, and uses the 3D for scene reference. Check out Joe’s tutorial for Using Nuke’s 3D point Cloud Generator for Compositing here.