Erwin Santacruz has added more features to his Cinema 4D Render Notification plugin Hangover, making it into a “pro” version, providing render notifications for Cinema 4D with similar functionality as the After Effects BackGround Render Script.

Just add your scenes to the batch render queue and render away. Hangover will notify you when your scenes are done

Hangover Pro is broken down into three sections, the Notifications tab, the Email Tab, and the Mobile Tab, allowing you to get notifications on your desktop computers via growl notifications, by email, or by mobile device. Hangover Pro will also allow you to send an image attachment from your render for review, and the log file, as well as allowing you to copy files when the render is complete.

Hangover Pro for Cinema 4D is being offered for $24.99 and you can find out more about the Hangover Pro Plugin for Cinema 4D render notifications here, and there is also a download a free version with some of the features that Hangover Pro has as well.