CG Developer Milan Suk presents BulletSOP, a series of integrated SOP nodes in Houdini that implement the Bullet Library, allowing you to create large rigid body simulations effectively and efficiently.

BulletSOP is implementation of Bullet library inside SideFx Houdini

Milan notes that at the moment, BUlletSOP is a single thread application, however with the release of the Bullet Physics Library 3.0 with GPU support, will be multithreaded. BulletSOP for Houdini has 6 nodes that can be used and modified with standard Houdini Nodes, featuring a Bullet RBD Solver, support for multiple Broad-phases, constraints Solvers, collision groups, force objects, and instancing.

the BulletSOP binary is available freely without limits, offering example scenes with tutorials on the way. You are also able to purchase the source package for $4999 if you are so inclined.

BulletSOP features:

  • Bullet RBD Solver
  • Support for multiple Broadphases, Constraints Solvers
  • Loading data from previous frame
  • Geometry decomposition (Tetrahedra, Voxels)
  • Static/Animation body
  • Convex Hull
  • Compound Hull
  • Deform static Hull
  • Primitive Hulls
  • Constraints (auto-generating, spring, 6DoF)
  • Collisions Groups
  • Object Forces
  • Point Radius Forces
  • Delete Duplicity data
  • Instancing
  • Includes many example scenes for studying
  • Support for Windows(64bit) and Linux(64bit)