The folks over at cmiVFX have just released a new offering taking an exclusive look at sculpting and retopology techniques in Cinema 4D, and as far as i know, it is the most complete set of lessons on the subject. Driven by Pavel Zoch, the lessons cover virtually every aspect of the sculpting tools, including every setting.

The sculpting context makes work much easier, because you can be creative first, design your character and then solve the topology accordingly to the shape of the character afterwards

Cinema 4D Sculpting and Retopology then continues on to provide context for all of the sculpting tools, showing some techniques and strategies for retopologizing models right in Cinema.

discount: 15% off
duration: 30 days
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The folks at cmiVFX have also provided a promo code for readers of lesterbanks, giving a great 15% off that will run for 30 days, simply use the code lesterbanks when ordering. Check out Sculpting and Retopology in Cinema 4D here.