Thinkinetic posts a quick tutorial for Pulldownit as a little tribute to 20th anniversary of jurassic movies, where Esteban Cuesta shows how to have a T-Rex character, bust through and destroy a gated door.

This is our little tribute to Jurassic Movies using Pulldownit plugin for destruction effects

The same tutorial is posted for both 3DS Max and Autodesk Maya versions of the plugin, showing how to apply the PullDownIt ShatterIt Feature to pre-break the door, and setting dynamic properties for the fence, door and animated character.

PullDownIt is an easy to use full featured dynamics solver plugin creating fractures and massive rigid body dynamic simulations which is both available for Max and Maya, which has recently seen an update to version 2.5, adding some new activation options for fractured bodies. PullDownIt 2.5 also introduced the ability to use force fields to break and affect fractured objects in the simulation. Check out the tutorial for T-Rex Destruction with PullDownIt in Max and Maya here.

For more information on Thinkinetic’s PullDownIt for Max, and Maya, check out Thinkinetic here.