Tim Clapham at HelloLuxx shares the Camera Rig Preset for Cinema 4D that he uses and posts a short description on its use, breaking down how the preset works. The Orbit Camera Rig Preset for Cinema 4D is freely available, and allows you to quickly set up camera moves around objects in your scene with very few animation tracks.

The camera rig is a really handy little setup with which you can quickly and easily create some nice orbiting moves around your objects using very few animation tracks

Orbit Camera Rig Preset consists of a simple Xpresso network, linking user data to the relevant objects and parameters. A null hierarchy provides controls for the heading, pitch and bank around the pivot, also moving from the camera axis independently. There are also controls for the Z position of the camera to push in and pull the camera out. Check out the HelloLuxx Orbit Camera Rig Preset for Cinema 4D here.