Mark Feller shares a rigging script for Maya that he has been working on, packageUI. With some help and feedback from other riggers in the industry, the idea for packageUI is to have a single user interface for rigging tasks that could easily accommodate more rigging elements.

PackageUI lets you link python functions to objects in maya

packageUI can be used to browse python modules inside of Autodesk Maya, and allows you to link python functions to Maya objects and save out templates for later use. As an example, you are able to link a script that creates a leg rig applied to the initial joints that you want to define the pivot points for.

By doing this you are able to save a Maya file with a template leg that has the joints and the functions linked to them. You then are able to import this template for a new character, reposition the joints and build it when you are finished.

To find out more about packageUI for Maya, check the overview at BitBucket here.