Chris Zurbrigg posts a tool for Autodesk Maya that will allow you to create custom shot masks for any camera in the scene. The Shot Mask Script for Maya will allow users to dynamically generate a Camera Mask that contains a frame counter, and any other shot information.

The Shot Mask script allows users to quickly and dynamically create a shot mask for any camera in their scene

Shot Mask’s interface can provide an interactive approach for creating camera masks, and also has an extensive class system allowing you to easily create custom masks with your own display information.

Shot Mask contributes a flexible layout system, which provides control over the position of the elements, as well s their size, color, and other attributes. These settings are preserved between Maya sessions and can be changed through the tool’s interface or script.

Shot Mask looks to be a great tool for reviewing Maya playBlasts and animation. To learn more about Shot Mask for Maya, check the page here.