SideFX posts a look at using and learning the new Wrangle SOPs in SideFX Houdini which is a new low level node in Houdini that will allow you to tweak point attributes and voxels using code.

With the release of 12.5 a few new Surface Operators have been introduced specifically the Wrangle nodes

Serendipitous to understanding the Wrangle SOPs, Ari Danesh also introduces the Houdini VEX expression language, which is loosely based on the C programming language, but also taking methodology from C++ and Renderman languages. VEX will be used in the Point, Attribute and Volume Wrangle Nodes, focusing on the Point Wrangle, providing a few example of what is possible using the new SOP nodes.

Check out the post and resource files for VEX Wrangle Workshop over at SideFX here.