ZYNC Render, the integrated on-demand image rendering system for visual effects artists has opened its doors and sees a public launch with a new site portal, and releases a pricing structure.

ZYNC is a cloud based rendering and storage platform, that is design to be powerful, expandable, and affordable, as a pay-as-you-go system.

Our native plug-ins allow you to kick renders off from directly within our supported host applications

Previously, I posted a look at rendering with ZYNC using Autodesk Maya, and it was a really slick system, alleviating and mitigating the the technical bits for using virtual machine cloud rendering.

Pay-As-You-Go pricing for ZYNC has been listed as use as needed, on-demand, by the hour with two running machine types, the ZYNC 20, and the ZYNC 88.

The ZYNC 20 runs an 8 core, 1.7 Ghz machine with 7 GB RAM for $1.69/hr and is Burstable to 10 instances.

The ZYNC 88 in contrast is a higher end machine with a 16 core, 2.6 Ghz machine with 60 GB RAM listed at $3.69/hr and is also Burstable to 10 instances.

In either configuration ZYNC has the 1st 10 GB of storage for free, then $25/100 GB per month.

File I/O and all licensing of supported rendering software is included, and for those signing up ZYNC are offering $25 in rendering credits.

ZYNC also offers 4 different tiers as a 28 day bundle starting at $950 and moving up to $13,750.

With the public launch also comes a new list of supported software and plugins supported by ZYNC working with:

  • Maya 2012 and higher
  • Nuke 6 and higher
  • V-Ray (including nightly builds)
  • Mental Ray


  • Peregrine Labs’ Bokeh
  • Ocula by The Foundry
  • Rolling Shutter by The Foundry
  • Furnace by The Foundry
  • GenArts Sapphire
  • Mental Core for Maya
  • Frischluft Lenscare

Also supporting the additional features of Distributed rendering, job dependencies, references, pooled images between multiple host applications, advanced job monitoring.