Last year some time, Zync sadly shut down the promise of simple cloud rendering for 3D and visual effects. Thankfully, the Zync project lived on, being acquired by Google. Since then the team has been working hard, bringing the Zync Render Service over to Google’s Cloud Platform.

Zync offers a solution tailored to the tools artists already use for VFX rendering, providing integrated compute, licensing, storage

Recently, the fruits of that labor have come in, with the beta release for Zync Render. Sync cloud rendering represented a fundamental shift in how to render to cloud services. Zync Render had native plugins for 3D content hosts such as Maya and Nuke, and had plans to add Cinema 4D, After Effects to that list.


Using the plugins, Zync makes rendering to cloud services as easy as hitting print. The key to the Zync tools is that you never knew that you were cloud rendering. For all intents and purposes, it looked like you were rendering to a computer that was next to you. There was even a way to calculate an estimate for what the rendering would cost based on your scene.

You can sign up to get notified about Zync’s official launch in August along with information on how to redeem up to $800 in free Google Cloud Platform credit to try Zync.