Ahmed El-Hofy takes a look at using Cinema 4D’s Character Tools with the Mograph Module to cleverly create a simple “make-shift” crowd simulator, demonstrating how quick it is to get a simple crowd going.

In this tutorial, I am showing you guys how can you use the power of Mograph and Character Tools in CINEMA 4D, to simulate a crowd

Noting that the character animation needs to be baked out first in order for it to be used with he MoGraph module in Cinema 4D, repeating the process with all the character that will be used with the cloner object.

Adding a Random Effector to the whole thing, will provide a more natural distribution for the people. As an animated crowd this works great and is really quick to set up.

Although quick and effective, lets not forget that this is not a true simulation, as the characters do not have embedded intelligence the way that a true crowd simulator would offer. Check out the tutorial for Creating a Crowd Simulation in Cinema 4D here.