How to Control Animated Characters Through Mograph

Orestis Konstantinidis Covers Using C4D’s Mograph Tools to Control a Large Amount of Animated Characters.

A new and more extended tutorial details some of Orestis’ experimentations with creating a system that can control a considerable amount of animated clones — A simple crowd system in Cinema 4D.

The tutorial covers using Adobe Mixamo for the walk cycle animation and then moves into controlling those animated characters with Mograph. The system uses C4D’s new Fields feature to gain control over the crowds. The tutorial features chapters where Adding the animation with Mixamo, controlling the animation with Mograph, converting to multi-instances, and making the final animation all have jump-links in the Youtube description.

If you want to learn more about Fields, Konstantinidis did a presentation on the new C4D feature at Siggraph 2018.