Carry the entire history of modern visual effects with you on your iPad

If you are like me in any small way, you take great inspiration from films, and the process of making them, specifically visual effects. I know there has been many a Cinefex magazine that I purchased, and kept with me to thumb through and let my imagination run wild.

Now, a small team in New Scribbler Press are looking to bring the entire Cinefex back catalog to a digital format on the iPad, so you will be literally able to have the entire reference library with you at all times. Pretty nerdy.

Whether you work in the visual effects or animation industry, are a filmmaking or effects hobbyist, or just love to hear behind-the-scenes stories of some of the past decade’s most visually significant and incredible films, Cinefex magazine will inform, awe, and fascinate you

Currently in the midst of a KickStarter campaign, you can help bring this almost daunting vision to life. I realize that not everyone has an iPad, and the team have addressed this on the kickstarter page by saying:

“The iPad is our target platform because it offers the best combination of features and installed base among the likely readership of Cinefex. We’ve even heard from people that they plan to acquire an iPad just to get this collection!

However, due to the massive interest in the back catalogue, we are looking in to other options. We are taking all of your thoughts and suggestions seriously, and are currently looking into cross-platform compatible distribution. Please understand that a pledge during this Kickstarter campaign will give you access to classic Cinefex issues on the iPad, and not on any other future format.”

Help make this a possibility, help bring the entire history of modern visual effects to life! DO IT!