RF_mathNodes Offers a Suite of Math Nodes for Maya 2014


Raffaele Fragapane posts a little hobbyist project that he has been tinkering with – RF_mathNodes, which are a suite of some multi-purpose Math Nodes for Maya that will provide nodes that can perform simple mathematics in Maya.

This is a small collection of some multi-purpose math nodes for Autodesk Maya to address the lack of some basic functionalities in the factory set of nodes

RF_mathNodes include a node for Angle, Arc, common programming functions, and constants to round out the suite. Raff notes that most of the nodes are implemented as wrappers of the C++ library math functions, some nodes actually offering a direct representation of those functions, while others were tweaked a bit.

These are a completely different implementation than the CGDNA Mathematic Nodes for Maya, which are available for versions of Maya 2012 and back.

The RF_mathNodes includes:

  • multiTrig Angle node for functions such as Sine, Cosine, Tangent, and Hypothenuse
  • multiTrig Arc node for functions such as ArcSine, ArcCosine, ArcTangent
  • multiFunc node with a slew of options for the most common programming math functions, all kind of stuff from basic arithmetic and algebra to sign management and comparisons
  • multiConst node all the most commonly used constants offered by cmath, such as pi and its fractions, e and its fractions etc. and a few more comp-sci oriented ones

You can download RF_mathNodes, which are available for Maya 2014 and 2013 for win64. Sadly, Raff notes that a Mac version isn’t, and will not be, available.

For more information on the Math Nodes for Maya 2014, Check out the RF_mathNodes for Autodesk Maya here.