A look at using particles for populating areas in 3D space in Nuke from Spin Productions digital compositor Adrian Sutherland, who show how you can use particles to create crowd duplication or any duplication of elements in Nuke.

In this tutorial series we will be discussing the use of Nuke particles for the use of crowd or element duplication

“Crowd duplication” is a general term, and can be any element that may require population in the scene, and in this tutorial, Adrian previews situations where population would be key, such as placing a spray of bullet holes on a wall, or trees in a group or forest.

Adrian provides a brief introduction to the concepts that will be used and also shares three varied different techniques that may be used under different circumstances. There is also a good look at using some of the new tools in Nuke 7. Be sure to visit Adrian’s site for the Nuke Particles Crowd Duplication tutorial here.