There are more than a few ways to get large bodies of water animating in 3D, and here Stefan Surmabojov takes a look at using the Hot4D which is a free free port of the Houdini Ocean ToolKit as a plugin for Cinema 4D created by Valkaari.

In this tutorial, Stefan Surmabojov will introduce you to Hot4D

Hot4D harnesses the power of the ocean toolkit in Houdini allowing you to create realistic animated large bodies of water right in Cinema 4D with some nice controls. The Houdini Ocean Toolkit (HOT) will allow you to render ocean waves using the algorithms of Jerry Tessendorf described in theSIGGRAPH 2004 course notes and the latest source and binary distrubitons are available in the Downloads section.

Check out the tutorial for Creating and Animating Realistic Water in Cinema 4D here.