Proving that typeMonkey is more than meets the eye, Orrin Zucker demonstrates creating Automatically synchronized voice overs in After Effects, something that can be immensely helpful and used quite often.

Released a few months ago, TypeMonkey is a tool for After Effects that can generate kinetic type animations without any keyframes at all. The Type animations can include an animated camera, dynamically linked to markers for easy customization.

Premiere Pro has a great Analyze Content feature that can be used to automatically sync voice overs with TypeMonkey in After Effects

Here, Orrin Zucker harnesses the Analyze Content feature in Premiere Pro to create a pipeline that can automatically sync voice over audio with TypeMonkey in After Effects. (Orrin also notes Adobe SoundBooth can also create the metadata that AfterEffects can read.) Either way, you are able to use the Text Analysis feature in both, which will create a marker layer in After Effects that TypeMonkey can sync to easily.

To learn more about TypeMonkey for After Effects, Check the page here.