Dan Ebberts and Orrin Zucker have taken the popular kinetic type animation and threw it on its ear with TypeMonkey, which will allow you (with a copy and paste of some type, sentences or phrases, and a single click), to create the camera-move-on-type style animations in After Effects.

Whether used to generate an end product, a head start on a complex assignment, or just for brainstorming, TypeMonkey is an invaluable tool for any AE user

TypeMonkey will create kinetic type animations in After Effects that can be customized by being dynamically linked to markers, with camera’s included and without any keyframes at all. The Author’s note that while the algorithm is quite complex, it really could not be any easier to use.

Copy and Pasting text in TypeMonkey, will create the words, and control layers that are all successively parented. TypeMonkey will also create an After Effects Camera that will move from the center point of one control layer to the next.

TypeMonkey is available through AEScripts for an introductory price of $49.95 which is 45% off regular until August 26, 2013. To learn more about TypeMonkey After Effects Kinetic Type Generator, check here.

Key features

  • Creates random kinetic type layouts based on parameters entered into the control panel.
  • Keyframe-less timeline makes changes to timing as simple as sliding a marker.
  • Creates a parented camera that points to each successive word as it transitions on.
  • Distributes words evenly over the length of the composition or work area.
  • Manual adjustments are easily made to size, position, rotation and opacity.
  • Easily controls and adjusts font, leading, and color palette.
  • Features a wide range of type transitions randomly selected by default, but can be specified as well.
  • Marker Synch feature allows for push button alignment with preexisting marker layers, making synching to music a breeze.
  • Allows for different interpolation for camera movement, auto rotate and auto frame.
  • Automatically builds and cleans to facilitate easy experimentation.