Biscuits and Davey releases SuperSweep, which is a too for assisting in generating and animating SweepNURBS in Cinema 4D, providing three separate presets with unique user data that drive different sweep shapes.

SuperSweep makes creating and animating beautiful sweeps easier than ever

SuperSweep is build out of existing elements in Cinema 4D, and integrates into any Cinema 4D scene easily. SuperSweep is a set of objects designed to generate sweep NURBS, allowing you to create the sweep with an array of object types including any 3D objects, Cloner Objects, nulls, Lights or Splines.

SuperSweep is compatible with Cinema 4D R13, R14 and R15, Studio and Broadcast, and to learn more about the SuperSweep SweepNURBS Generator for Cinema 4D, Check the page here.