Modo | Lighting a Product Shot with HDR Light Studio for Modo

Creating a product render in Modo using HDR Light Studio, co-inventor Mark Segasby shows how to get really great renders going really quickly iterating the light setups for the renders, all with HDR Light Studio.

See how easily you can light your product shots using HDR Light Studio in MODO rather than traditional 3D lights and bounce cards

This is a great demonstration of how a tool like HDR Light Studio will not only let you iterate and create lighting variations easily, but also allow you to precisely place lights. Its almost as if you were working backwards by having the final image in mind, where you can place lights by clicking on the model adding the reflections and light cast right in that spot – that is fantastically liberating, rather than placing traditional lights, rendering and repeating.

Keep in mind that although this tutorial is using Modo, the HDR Light Studio interface is the same in all the supported 3D Applications, so what is done here will apply in your 3D program of choice.