Setting Up Portrait Lighting in Modo Using SLIK 2

9B Studios posts a look at creating a portrait studio lighting setup in Modo, using the SLIK 2 tools.

the thought process behind lighting a portrait inside of MODO 902 and SLIK.

SLIK is The Foundry’s Studio Lighting and Illumination Kit that is a set of pre-prepared lighting setups, scenes, items and materials to help Modo users quickly light their scenes.

SLIK 2 will let you quickly select a studio lighting set up that best closely matches real-world photography solutions. You can buy SLIK 2 for $125.00.

SLIK 2 includes:

  • 30 built-to-scale lighting assembly presets
  • 24 different lighting setups supporting small scale, medium scale, large scale and portrait
  • studio photography
  • 24 2k HDR environmental maps
  • 21 material presets
  • Five simple meshes