Alameda – New Leaf from LEGWORK

Alameda – New Leaf from LEGWORK on Vimeo.

Alameda's video for the track New Leaf has truly been a labor of love for us. We started the project nearly two years ago as a way to explore new animation techniques, specifically digital rotoscoping over 3D animation. The goal was to combine the hand-made feel of painting with the perfection of 3D camera movement and environments. We quickly learned how much time and focus is required to create a style like this. The project unfortunately took a back seat to client work more often then not, leaving little time to work on it. And of course, no project is complete without a few hiccups along the way – at one point our entire project folder mysteriously disappeared from the server, forcing us to recreate many of the scenes. And recently, another incident occurred resulting in the loss of some of the original source files required to finish. We figured out a way to make up for the loss however, and are very excited to finally release this. Considering the difficulties we had, we're really proud of the final result. Thanks to all the hands that helped on this one.