Maya | FumeFX, Where the Hell is the Emitter Button, and How Do I Render?

It was back in near the end May of 2013 when we first heard word that the popular 3ds Max fluid dynamics simulator, FumeFX was being developed for Maya, and as a precursor to its looming release next week, Allan McKay provides a quick-start to getting oriented in using FumeFX for Maya.

…getting you into FumeFX as fast as possible inside of Maya’s interface

Allan McKay has long been the go-to source for fluid FX training, and promises that more advanced content will be coming shortly, and this crash course represents a great way to learn the basics of using FumeFX, especially within Autodesk Maya.

Autodesk Maya has no shortage of fluid simulators, with its own completely capable and embedded Maya Fluids, as well as having available The Chaos Group’s Phoenix FD for Maya and soon we can add FumeFX to the list.

FumeFX is a fluid dynamics simulator used for some pretty astounding fire, smoke and explosion effects. FumeFX has been around for nearly six years in the 3D Studio Max world, and is well known for its power and ease of use.