You Can Drive MASH Attributes With Fluids

Maya’s motion graphics toolkit sees as much integration as anything else in Maya. You can mix and match MASH with any other tools that are available, from joints to soft bodies, to fluids. In fact, it is pretty easy to drive MASH attributes with fluids, for some interesting possibilities.

an example of using Maya’s Fluids capabilities to drive a MASH network

MASH will let you drive attributes with a strength map. That doesn’t necessarily mean that it has to be an actual map though. That connection can be anything that has an output… like a fluid system.

Most MASH nodes offer a strength map attribute. Autodesk’s Lee Frazier shows how you can affect the MASH ID Node and the MASH Visibility Node being driven by the Fluid Effect’s Texture node. Although the examples are pretty simple here, it does get the gears turning in all sort of directions.