After Effects | Switching Out Voice Overs Using Auto Lip Sync

In a continuation of his charter Lip Sync tutorials for After Effects, David Legion shows how to swap out scratch audio voice overs with other audio tracks using MamoWorld’s Auto Lip Sync Plugin for After Effects.

In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to switch out the voice over with other audio tracks or even other languages using MamoWorld’s Auto Lip Sync

There are often times when the audio for a certain project will be versioned” or have output in many other languages, and automating the process will become crucial, well for getting the project completed on time. The more you can shave off time of repetitive tasks by workflow hacks, or by automating some processes, the better off you will be. Here David shows how to use MamoWorld’s Auto Lip Sync to assist in the lip sync animation process. Check out the tutorial for Switching Out Voice Over With Auto Lip Sync in After Effects here.