ZBrush | Creating FiberMesh Hair to Render in Maya


Digital artist Yuri Alexander goes through how he creates hair using ZBrush’s FiberMesh, that will be exported into Maya for the final render, imparting tips and techniques as he goes.

this tutorial is not about how to use Fibermesh, but for the uninitiated, simply mask out any areas which you would like to create hairs from

Yuri creates large hair systems in smaller sections, masking off small areas and then uses FiberMesh to create the hair fibers. for the most part it is really straight forward, and Yuri provides a step by step tutorial where he also show how to best import the model into Maya for rendering – with some pretty fantastic results i might add.

check out the article for Generating Hair in ZBrush Using FiberMesh for Rendering in Autodesk Maya here.