Curious Animal Launches Subscription Plan for All Their C4D Plugins

cinema 4d plugin subscription

Curious Animal, creators of MotionStretch, ReBend, Membrane Deformer and a host of other C4D plugins, announced a new subscription option to all of their tools.

The Curious Animal C4D Plugin Subscription lets you use a great range of Cinema 4D plugins for a low monthly fee

The Curious Animal subscription plan allows you to use CA’s C4D plugins, for a low monthly fee. This includes all of the currently available plugins and new plugins as they are released.


Curious Animal C4D Plugin Subscription

The new subscription includes a wide range of C4D plugins from Curious Animal. You are able to move subscription licenses between machines through activation and deactivations as needed.

If you have purchased plugins previously, the perpetual licenses are still available. Purchasing an individual product from CA will grant a perpetual license for that product.

The subscription tries to be flexible, letting you pay for the service one month at a time. This allows users to only get the C4D plugins when they are most needed. The subscription is easy to cancel, and you can start a new subscription as needed for other projects further down the line.




What is Included

The C4D plugin subscription includes the Curious Animal Fall Off Sampler, Membrane Deformer, Noise Falloff, Boole Falloff, Difference Map, Super Source Falloff, and the CA Super Deformer Pack, and Mega Deformer pack. Theses include Motion Stretch Deformer, Seam Deformer, ReBend Deformer, the Impact Deformer, Scroll Deformer, Sphere Wrap Deformer, and some extras. That is a huge list.



The CA Subscription can be purchased for $9.25 | £6.00 | €8.00 per month (excl. VAT/sales tax). You can cancel your subscription at any time.

The monthly price of new subscriptions is likely to change as more products are added, however the cost of existing subscriptions won’t change.

Learn more about the Curious Animal C4D Plugin Subscription service here.