New LAZPoint Loads Massive Amounts of LIDAR Data Into C4D Easily

A new point-cloud loader, LAZPoint from lets you load LIDAR data right in C4D. Actually, LAZPoint is more than just a point cloud loader. It offers a unique render capture system, that makes it one of the best solutions for working with LIDAR.

More than just a point cloud loader…

The newly released plugin can load massive and full color LIDAR data, suing LAS, LAZ, XYZ, or PTS format. Once in C4D, you can render it without any hassles at all. It is built to be very easy to use, and very intuitive.

If you check out the example above, it shows working with a standard C4D content library scene, that is pre-rendered to multiple LAZPoint dense point clouds, thereby freeing the scene of all assets. That’s right… no polygon objects, no materials. The only thing that is in the scene, are the plugin’s objects. The LAZPoint objects can play back the previously rendered scene and show it all in real time, as it was rendered. You can then basically use the LAZRender, to re-render dense point clouds. Pretty cool.

Visit for more information on LAZPoint for Cinema 4D.