New Slice It Plugin Cuts Objects in Cinema 4D with a Plane

A new plugin from the C4DZone will allow you to cut, slice and chop polygonal objects with an ordinary plane. By using a polygonal plane in Cinema 4D, you can have better control over where your cuts will be, rather than creating them procedurally.

Slice It is a Cinema 4D plugin that cuts polygons with planes and generates the cut

This allows you the opportunity to create art-directed simulations and effects by adding dynamics or even animating the pieces manually. The plugin will respect the original objects UV’s and use it throughout the cut pieces.

The Slice It plugin is dead simple to operate. Just select the polygon you want to slice, and then create a parametric plane. Adjust the sizeof the plane, and place it intersecting the polygon. Repeat this for each desired cut. Highlight all the objects, and select the slice button. – boom.

Slice It works with Cinema 4D R13 to 15, for OSX and Windows systems. You can learn more about Slice It over at the here.