Free Über Delay Effector Brings Multiple Delays to Cinema 4D

Über Delay Effector is brought to you by Eyedesyn’s multi-Emmy winning freelance 3D/motion graphic artist EJ Hassenfratz and collaborator Charles Rowland (@ragingclaw) and Donovan Keith (@dskeith). With the new (and free) plugin for Cinema 4D, you are able to go beyond the limits of choosing a single delay mode for the Delay Effector, the Über Delay will let you apply all three delay modes at once.

By stacking multiple Delay modes, you unlock a ton of animation possibilities

With the regular Delay Effector in Cinema 4D you are able to set only one delay mode at a time, with Spring, Blend and Even, and if you want to use more than one of them, that would require another iteration of the effector.

By adding Über Delay, you are able to stack multiple delay modes which will give you more possibilities in animation providing ultimately much more control over blended animation that use the delay modes.

Über Delay Effector will run on Windows, and Mac 32 & 64 bit with Cinema 4D versions R12 and above, just download the Über Delay Effector and unzip the file – place the folder in the Maxon/Cinema 4D/plugins folder and you are good to go.