How to Convert and Process 3D Raw Scan Data

Showing how to convert and clean up raw 3D data from Agisoft Photoscan, Triplegangers’ Lee Perry Smith cover how to export a scan, re-mesh and re-sculpt the scan, create UVs and decimation.

The goal is to find talented artists around the world to help create stunningly realistic human models

Triplegangers is a 3D scanning & capture service that was pioneered by Infinite-Realities, and provides cutting edge 3D Scans, character models, 3D and 2D Reference materials for film and computer games studios as well as freelance artists.

This is in support of triplegangers’ buy back plan, and Lee notes that this method is open to interpretation as there are many other ways to clean up RAW scans.

The buy back plan gives a way for triplegangers to seek the help of artists offering RAW scan sets for £25. You can then use Agisoft Photoscan to work with the data, and if the work meets triplegangers quality requirements, they will buy it back for £50, helping both the artist and triplegangers in the process.

check out the tutorial for Converting and Processing Raw Scan Data using Agisoft Photoscan here.