Blender Fractal Snowflake Generator

Upon seeing a fractal-generated snowflake, Tamir Lousky was inspired to write a blender script that generates Koch Snowflake meshes.

After creating a snowflake, you’ll be able to edit its parameters in the operator editing section at the bottom of the Tools Panel

Based on the work seen created by Italian computer science student Marco Cameriero, who created a little web application that can generate them on the fly.

Using Blender’s transformation tools and some basic vector operations, Tamir forwent having to calculate the vertex positions or any other serious math at all.

The snowflake generator creates Koch Snowflakes shapes, represented as profile and outline meshes (edges and verts only, with no faces).

Tamir explains his algorithm in his post, showing how he created the snowflake addon. If you want to check out the addon, Tamir Lousky makes it available here: Blender Fractal Snowflake Generator.

Be sure to check out Tamir’s post on creating the fractal snowflake generator for Blender here.