KeenTools FaceBuilder Comes to Blender, Now in Beta

KeenTools FaceBuilder is an add-on that lets you create models of faces using a few photographs.

KeenTools, creators of GeoTracker and FaceBuilder for Nuke, bring the FaceBuilder tech to Blender in a new public beta. The add-on allows you to create human faces and heads as 3D models by using only a few photographs. The resulting 3D models can then move on to sculpting, animation, or tracking in Blender.

The Add-on allows users to easily shape a base 3D head model to match the imported reference photographs. With FaceBuilder, you don’t need to be an experienced modeler to create realistic human faces, nor do you need an elaborate scanning setup. All you need is a camera and the Add-on. The video above shows how it works within Nuke.

The Add-on for Blender is currently available as a public beta. Check out the KeenTools post for more information, and download a version here.