Creating an Adaptive Primitive in Cinema 4D

Motion designer AJ Haines offers a look at setting up an adaptive primitive in Cinema 4D. An adaptive primitive is one that can adjust its number of segments based on what is happening in the scene. As an example, if you stretch out a normal plane by comparison, the segments get stretched out. However, if you stretch out a plane that is set to be adaptive, it will create more segments as you are scaling to compensate.

Here’s a quick tip on how to set up a primitive to be adaptive. Meaning as you adjust the primitive it will adapt its segment accordingly. Check out the video to see exactly what I mean and why this might be useful.AJ Haines -

This can be useful for all types of things, most notably when you have an object that is deforming or growing in an animation. Having the object take care of its own resolution segments as it is animating will save you the effort of doing it manually. AJ notes that this is one of the easiest things that you can create using Xpresso, but you will find it incredibly useful.