VinhSon Nguyen covers some of the intricacies that are needed for creating fire and flames with Trapcode Particular. The fire will be used as a transition that will essential “wipe” the type off the screen, as it is being consumed by the flames.

In this tutorial, we’ll take a look at some ways to simulate a burning disintegrating logo transition, complete with flames, sparks, atmosphere, and much moreVinhSon Nguyen –

VinhSon shares some of his tips for getting a smooth transition for the effect, noting that the key lies in the matte that is used to drive the particle emission. There are also some great pointers here for creating a real nice fire effect. Visit VinhSon Nguyen’s CreativeDojo for the complete tutorial here: Burning Fire Logo with Trapcode Particular

Going Further with Trapcode Particular and Fire

We have had the opportunity to see many great tutorial that look at creating fire with Trapcode Particular. Reason is that Particular is the go-to particle generation system for After Effects.

From a previous post, we saw Adrian C. Koutz who took a look at  how to create fireballs and smoke trails using TrapCode Particular in After Effects with the post Creating a Meteor Fireball Using TrapCode Particular.

IDigitalUniverse had a look at creating flames with Trapcode Form, the sister to Particular with Creating Fire with Trapcode Form in After Effects.

Daniel Brodesky had a good look at creating a fire effect that was used as a transition with Creating a Fire Transition Effect Using Trapcode Particular in After Effects.

Mohammad Bilal demonstrates the ins-and-outs of the colour range section of Trapcode Particulr with the post Adding Particles Based on an Image’s Color Range Using TrapCode Particular in After Effects.

And lastly a great stylized flame effect from Soetheby’s Chilltorial tutorial Creating a Stylized Flame using Trapcode Particular and After Effects.